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To Us and Those Like Us; Damn Few Left!


I take our USAF Survival and SERE history, heritage, continuing legacy, and the pride we take in what we do or have done seriously.  With 25 years experience in the US Air Force and more specifically as a SURVIVAL INSTRUCTOR, SERE INSTRUCTOR, and SERE SPECIALIST I understand what goes into becoming one, the life long bond with our brothers and sisters, and the impact both they and the job have on us. 

I opened this store because USAF Survival and SERE memorabilia items are almost nonexistent on the web and I strive to offer only the highest quality items for sale.  All merchandise is designed and sourced by me, working with the best vendors I can identify, to provide high quality, long lasting items you will be proud to own, wear, and display. I'm committed to assisting you in finding the items you’re looking for and am there for your special projects if I can help. I very much appreciate you visiting today, your patronage makes it all possible!  Thank you!  

As you browse the site pages, please note the item number and quantity of any items you may want.  When you are done browsing, use the contact page to send me a message with your order items and we will make it happen.  I accept both PayPal and Zelle for payments and will discuss other options.

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Pat Carroll
Yorktown, Virginia

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